Title Year Details
CWHC Snake Fungal Disease Threat Assessment 2017 Download
National Wild Bird Interagency Avian Influenza Surveillance Program:
Operational Plan 2016-17
2016 EN FR
Prince Edward Island National Park Bat Inventory and Monitoring 2015 2016 Download
Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans: A Threat Assessment of Salamander Chytrid Disease 2015 Download
Animals as Sentinels for Public Health Risks Associated with Oil and Gas Development 2014 Download
Capacity Development for Wildlife Health Management in Low and Middle Income Countries 2013 Download
Safety Manual for Harvesters of Fish and Wildlife in Nunavut 2012 Download
Safety Manual for Harvesters... Supplemental Information on Disease 2012 Download
Safety Manual for Harvesters... Educational Presentation 2012 Download
A Proposal for a National CWD Control Strategy 2011 Download
A Summary of the CCWHC Workshop on Chronic Wasting Disease 2011 Download
CCWHC Animal Welfare Survey Document 2010 Download
Health Hazards from Canada Geese 2010 Download
One World One Health Session Report - February 24, 2010 2010 Download
Rapport de la consultation d'experts Un monde, Une santé - 24 février 2010 2010 Download
Wildlife Disease Investigation Manual (3rd Edition) 2010 Request
Canadian Directory of Expertise in Wildlife Health (2nd Edition) 2009 Request
CCWHC National Workshop February 21 - 22, 2008 2008 Download
Parks Canada CWD Workshop Proceedings 2008 2008 Download
Investigation des Maladies de la Faune: Manuel d´Intervention (2ième édition) 2007 Request
Trace elements status of white-tailed deer and moose in Nova Scotia 2006 Download
The Independent Veterinarians' Working Group (IVWG) on the Canadian Harp Seal Hunt 2005 EN FR
Canada's National Chronic Wasting Disease Control Strategy 2005 Download
Examining the Risk of Disease Transmission between Wild Dall's Sheep and Mountain Goats, and Introduced Domestic Sheep, Goats, and Llamas in the Northwest Territories 2005 Download
West Nile Virus Report 2005 Download
Canada's National Wildlife Disease Strategy 2004 Download
Chronic Wasting Disease in Canadian Wildlife: an expert opinion on the epidemiology and risks to wild deer 2004 Download
Health risk assessment for the introduction of Eastern wild turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo silvestris) into Nova Scotia 2004 Download
A Comprehensive Review of the Ecological and Human Social Effects of Artificial Feeding and Baiting of Wildlife 2003 Download
Field Guide to Diseases and Parasites of Marine Mammals of the Eastern Canadian Arctic 2003 Download
Capturing and Handling of Wildlife: Approaches to reducing stress 2002 Request
Wildlife Toxicology 2000 Request
Management and Intervention in Diseases of Wild Animals 1999 Request
Moving Wild Animals: Health and Environmental Issues, Assessing Risks and Benefits 1998 Request
Risk Assessment for Importation of Farmed Elk to Saskatchewan from Ontario 1998 Request
Avian Botulism on the Prairies: A commentary from the CCWHC 1997 Request
Waterfowl Diseases and Wetland Management 1997 Request
Health and Disease in Wild Freshwater Fish 1996 Request
Faune et Zoonoses 1995 Request
Health Risks to Wildlife Personnel: Hazards from Disease-Causing Agents 1995 Request
Surveillance of Wild Animal Diseases in Europe 1994 Request