Rats in the Media
The following are selected news stories related to rats!


The Province

Rats! Vancouver rated No 1. in rodents - April, 25, 2018


Vancouver Sun

SFU pheremone research builds a better rat trap - November, 13, 2017


CBC News

Rat population boom blamed on cold BC winter - January, 26, 2017


CTV News

'They love it': Why chewing rodents are costing car-owners big bucks - January, 24, 2017


CBC News

'Watch where you walk': Halifax considers options as rat problems grow - January, 13, 2017


Ottawa Citizen

Biweekly garbage collection causing proliferation of rats, claims Centretown resident - May 16, 2016


The Globe and Mail

How rats help detect landmines in Mozambique - September 30, 2015


CBC News

Rat problem plagues community garden after mystery bird seed appears. - August 8, 2014


The Province

Rats R Us: Neighbor complains feeding willdife has caused Newton to be overrun with rodents. - July 20, 2014.


CBC News

Dartmoth woman live-streams rats living in her dollhouse. - July 13, 2014.


The Times of India

Bangalore spends Rs 2 lakh to trap 20 rats. - July 11, 2014. DNAinfo New York

Cats Enlisted to battle Doorman Building's rat problem. - July 10, 2014.


Hawke's Bay Today

Dannevirke: Rats chew through wiring in vehicles. - July 9, 2014.


Herald News

Rats! Numbers on the rise in N.S.. - July 8, 2014.


The Argus

Mutant rats are taking over Ashdown Forest. - July 7, 2014.

Rats! Rodent poison kills haws too. - July 7, 2014.


Q13 Fox News

Rats! Shocked customer takes video of rodents in popular grocery store. - July 7, 2014.


CTV News

Cole Harbor residents say derelict home to blame for rat infestation. - June 25, 2014.


The Times of India

200 villagers fall ill with symptoms of dengue, rat fever near Dharmapuri. - June 22, 2014


CTV News

Daycare keeping kids indoors after compost attracts rat infestation. - June 18, 2014


CBC News

Compost rats overrun Vancouver daycare playground. - June 18, 2014


The National Post

Vancouver's urban compost reckoning comes: Rats lay siege to downtown daycare. - June 18, 2014


The Atlantic

How Portland Lives With, Not Against, Its rats - May 30, 2014


News 1130

Pest infestations tend to spike this time of year - May 27, 2014



City targets rat infestations in Manhattan, Bronx with new pilot program - May 27, 2014


The Press Democrat

Sebastopol man takes on rats with his pack of terriers - May 26, 2014


Daily Mail UK

Deadly disease spread by rats in river water doubles in two years: Fears of further cases of Weil's disease following recent hot weather. - May 27, 2014


CBC News

Rats focus of Kelligrews yelling match. - May 16, 2014


Portland Monthly

In Portland, Even Our Rats are Special - May 1, 2014


The Guardian

Why you don't need to worry about giant, invincible man-eating super rats - April 14, 2014


BBC News Europe

Giant rat: Swedes agog at 'Ratzilla' in Stockholm - March 27, 2014


The Guardian

Why you don't need to worry about giant, invincible - January 28, 2014


Huffington Post

Counterfeit Cashmere Clothes Containing Rat Fur Exposed - January 28, 2014


Mirror News

Strain of bubonic plague as deadly as the Black Death could return to Earth - January 28, 2014


The Huffington Post

Blame Canada? This Cannibal Rat-Infested Ship Could Be UK-Bound. - January 3, 2014


The Georgia Straight

Homeless in Vancouver: Rats! There vermin trouble downtown. - January 3, 2014


RPP Nacional

La Libertad (Peru): New Case of Bubonic Plague Confirmed - January 3, 2014



"What Happened on Easter Island - A New (Even Scarier) Scenario" - December 10, 2013 (Hint - It has to do with rats!)


New Straits Times

"39 dead from plague in Madagascar." - December 13, 2013



"Why rabies hangs on after bat culls." - December 12, 2013 (Not exactly about rats but supports our theory that culling animals can lead to the spread of zoonotic diseases - see the video on Leptospira spp. in rats)


ProMed (International Society for Infectious Diseases)

"Pneumonic plague fatality in Peru." - December 11, 2013


BBC News Africa

"Madagascar village 'hit by bubonic plague." - December 10, 2013


National Public Radio

"What happened on Easter Island - a new (even scarier) scenario." - December 10, 2013 (the role of rats in the collapse and survival of Easter Island)


New York Times

"Ravaged by Typhoon, Philippines Faces Threat of Serious Diseases." - November 14, 2013 (includes mention of leptospirosis) See also IRIN Humanitarian News (UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs) "Philippines: Flood victims grapple with leptospirosis." - October 28, 2009 (rat-associated leptospirosis outbreak after typhoons in 2009)


The Huffington Post

"Mutant rats have invaded British Parliament; Experts blame evolution." - November 8, 2013


CBC News (Ontario)

"Rats on the rise in Toronto, Pest control firm says." - October 2, 2013


CBC News (BC)

"Aerial attack on rats in Haida Gwaii first in Canada." - September 17, 2013


ProMed-Mail and Tropical Medicine Bureau:

"Child dies from leptospirosis in Nicaragua." - September 12, 2013


CBC News (BC)

"Warm weather spurs rat population boom." - September 12, 2013


CBC News (PEI)

"Rat infestation prompts Murray River demolition." - September 12, 2013


CBC News (Nova Scotia)

"Rats the size of cats driven into Halifax neighborhood." -August 23, 2013


CBC Books

"Rats! They're more like us than you'd think." -August 23, 2013


CBC News (Newfoundland and Labrador)

"St. John's subdivision invaded by rats." -August 23, 2013


CBC Radio

"Getting rid of rats on Haida Gwaii." - June 20, 2013

"Rats will die on Haida Gwaii." June 21, 2013


The Washington Post

"Oh, rats. There's one aspect of Baltimore she can't get used to." - June 18, 2013


The Canadian Cooperative Wildlife Health Centre Blog (

"Hoooo can be hurt by rat poisons....? Owls!" - June 4, 2013


The Huffington Post

"China Busts Rat Meat Ring." - May 5, 2013


Xinhua Net

"Raticide suspected in petechiae among 117 preschoolers." - April 12, 2013



"Pet rats as a source of hantavirus in England and Wales, 2013." - February 28, 2013


The Norman Transcript

"Rat tales abound in New York after Superstorm Sandy." - February 24, 2013


The Yakima Herald:

"Exterminators say rat infestations on the rise." - January 10, 2013


The Wenatachee World:

"Rat bite fever cases confirmed locally." - December 7, 2012



"Killing rats is killing birds." - November 14, 2012


The Vancouver Sun: "Rat infestation has parents concerned for teens' safety." - November 9, 2012


The Huffington Post:

"Hurricane Sandy Could Displace Rats, Spread Infectious Disease." - November 1, 2012


Live Science: "Sandy may drive subway rats onto NYC streets." - October 31, 2012


CTV News:

"Alberta's rat-free status may be in jeopardy after 19 rats found at landfill." - August 16, 2012